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MMM-mmm-GOOD!!!!!  There’s a pumpkin soup recipe for every taste. Actually, I think I can taste them all!!!  :)))))))) As we all gradually slide into Fall, I realize that my taste buds are also changing (of course I never lose my appetite).  Over the summer I think I’ve had my fill of watermelon and hot dogs and […]


College spirit is great!! Those traditions that get established go with students for the rest of their lives. So, grab a couple of dogs & a beer and get immersed in some rich (and sometimes surprising) traditions.  Now that college football is upon us (seems like it’s gotten bigger, and so much more commercialized than I […]

It’s A Secret

Do you use code when you text or in your emails?  B2B, CRM, RSS, CPM, BRB , URL, HIFW, HMB and ILY and the popular FYI – just some of the shorthand we use in business and social media when communicating.  We’ve become accustomed to use abbreviations to communicate, saving us time in our texts and […]

I Do!

My wife is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  :))  Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :))))) September is a special time for Jackie and I  – when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Over the years, we’ve had a nice dinner night out, a quick overnight trip, and even just stayed home with the kids. Ironically, we have a few close friends in our town […]

All Aboard

There is something about trains… No matter how old I get, I still get a charge out of trains.  At night, in my small town, I often hear the train horn signal the upcoming intersection and enjoy the doppler effect of the sound as it approaches and then fades away.  We recently had some repair work done […]

Mannerly Speaking

The things that really do matter: First Impressions, Punctuality, Effective Communication, Respecting Personal Space, Dress Code, Positive Attitude, Team Collaboration, Tech Etiquette and Confidentiality. They all go toward a healthy, fun workplace. Read on for even more things that help us all feel good about our workdays.  Manners.  It’s something I first learned from Mom and […]


Lick ’em or bite ’em, popcicles are G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!!!  :)))))))))))))))))) With summer upon us, I find myself sometimes falling back on some childhood traditions. Playing with the hose while watering, being fascinated by fireflies, counting endless stars, finding funny shapes in the clouds, and coveting cool deserts. Beyond ice cream, one of my “go to” favorites […]

Oh So Good

Sweet Corn time, oh, yeah!!!  :))))) It’s that time of year when our local crops are starting to come in – a time to enjoy the effort put in by farmers, growers and back yard champions.  Ridiculously delicious tomatoes, tasty cucumbers and zucchini, beets and potatoes, peppers of all kinds, and of course fresh corn on […]


Don’t forget your Cicada gear!! It’s that time of year.  Hot muggy days. Spot showers and thunderstorms.  Counting the days left before school begins. And a “buzz” in the air.  Yep –those PIA cicadas. Like you, I’m fascinated by the noise, habits, and rituals of these not so pretty insects. I think it’s cool how one starts to […]


Waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, oh, yeah!!!!  :))))  And you’ve got to get that great waffle shirt above (google: waffle t-shirt) If you do get it, PLEASE send me a pic with you wearing it. Thanks! With my engrained morning routine of waking up and getting to the office early to work on your […]