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golfer lying on grass and blowing in the ball, just need to give it a little help.

With the weather starting to warm here in NE Ohio, I’m getting the “itch” to go out to hit some balls and play some golf, yearning for bluer skies, bright sun and warm breezes. Like many of you, I’ve watched the pros on the west coast, and make their “southern swing” through Florida’s snake pit and blue monster. And every year about this time I do a mental inventory of my gear, weighing clubs I should replace and new gadgets I should consider putting in my bag. So for all my “golf geeks”, here are some fun and crazy things I found online to help us enjoy the game a bit more and shave a few strokes off our scores. Special thanks to PC Magazine for this find.

Ball Finder Scout – This handheld device ($179) helps you hunt for your stray shots. As long as a ball is one percent visible, it can search up to 600 square feet in just one second with a 3.2-megapixel hi-res digital camera to locate balls up to 35 feet away. A red cursor brackets the ball on a LCD screen and a blue light guides you right to it…unless of course it’s in the water hazard or Mrs. Johnson’s “do not enter” backyard. – AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Solar Power Golf Bag – Have a lot of business to do while on the course? No worry – now you can charge your cell phone, laptop or iPod via the solar panels located on the side of this solar golf bag ($349). Constructed of heavy duty nylon, the bag features a mini USB cable, two interchangeable iPod adapters, and five interchangeable mobile phone adapters. You’ll also find a rain hood, tee holder strap, umbrella holder, and a mobile device charging compartment. – OR –  JUST TAKE SOME TIME TO ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF THE COURSE AND FRIENDS!

Twilight Light-Up Golf Balls – Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to stop swinging. The Twilight Tracer Light-Up Golf Ball ($13.95/one pack) from Sun Products is a regulation golf ball with an inner core that contains proprietary circuitry, a lithium battery, and two red LED lights programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second. The ball is also motion activated, so once you swing at it, it will stay lit for about five to six minutes until you find it in the dark. – Great for those holes 37-44!

Shot Making Laptop Simulator – Always in the rough and never in the fairway? Practice your strokes with The Dancin’ Dogg Shot Making Simulator ($399.95) a golf simulation game that lets you practice and create your own shots. Use the included swing pad, balls, and tees to practice your chip, swing and bumps by choosing on your computer where you want to hit the ball and then see your performance results, including distance traveled, yards off target, and swing speed. Even comes with Tiger Woods matching performance software. – Just what everyone wants to see …me dancing!

Harmony Performance Bracelet – The latest product from Q-Link is the Performance Bracelet ($79.95), which features SRT-3 programming to resonate a supporting frequency in response to stress for better performance on the course. You’ll golf more calmly and put your mind to ease as you “tune up your biofield through a resonant effect that harmonizes your energy and helps you to navigate smoothly through a stressful round of golf.” (Won’t help your aim at all!) – Golfing and no stress, that’s no fun!

Voice Advisor Golf Caps & Visors – Leave your rangefinders at home with the Advisor Golf Caps & Visors from SkyKap ($??). Each hat is equipped with a voice-activated, high-quality microphone. It utilizes real-time GPS against a detailed course map so that when you want to get yardage to the green, just say “advisor distance” into the microphone and the automated voice will respond with the information. Afterwards you’ll also be able to download your round and view every shot to improve your game. Perfect for when you are so far left, you can’t see the green. – I am hoping for my hat to burst into song! – “ How do you know…!”

Laser Putting Trainer – This device uses laser beams! The Laser Putting Trainer LPT from OptoSmart ($39.95) allows you to position your putter for the best shot using the laser as a guideline. It mounts to your putter shaft with a battery-operated remote power button on the grip. Available for both right- and left-handed putters, you can just tap, tap, tap and watch it track your ball. Great for indoor practice or on the putting green. Fun at night! – Not sure me and a laser is a good combination!

Clubs, Clubs and More Clubs – Each year all the manufacturers pump out new and better equipment – drivers, irons, hybrids, wedges, putters, shafts, balls, tees, gloves – just too many to list. Industry experts predict ’16 could be a rainmaker year for new sales. Go visit your local pro shop or golf store and try things out – I’m itchin’ for a new putter (thinking titanium v-fang with improved alignment elastomer insert oval, tour-proven model with audio feedback impact response feel and oversized super shot grip) – actually, for me just more practice!

Bonus – Let’s tee ‘em up – send me a shout out email or call me and let’s pick a date to play – I’m good to play any day of the week that ends in “y” – first beverage is on me!!  REMEMBER- If the sun is up, I’m there, 5 AM is always more fun!




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