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Run, Run, As Fast As You Can – You Can’t Catch Me, I’m the ____!

  What to listen to while you’re reading this week’s post: The Gingerbread Man, A Song for Children Gingerbread Man by Melanie Martinez – (Official Audio) The Gingerbread Man Song (From a scratchy 78 rpm record.)   Now that Thanksgiving is over, (and you’ve eaten the last piece of leftover pie, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry […]

Giving Thanks

  Thank You… For family both here and past. My first grandchild Being able to get together for a day with family near and far! Can’t forget all of the wonderful food from yesterday! Even during these crazy times that we all have things to be thankful for. We should all take a moment to […]

Hello – is Anybody Listening?

(top to bottom) Voyager 2 Factoids; Where the Voyager twins are now; Two awesome artist renderings of the probes in space; Get those cool his/hers black Ts being modeled HERE; The Voyager 40th anniversary logo T HERE; And the Voyager 2 Neptune black T HERE; Then get the coolest model of the Voyager—all steel, no glue required […]


The top ten list: (top to bottom, left to right, details below)  #10 – Ecstasy of Saint Teresa; #9 – Pieta; #8 – David by Donatello; #7 – The Great Sphinx of Giza; #6 – Christ the Redeemer; #5 – Manneken Pis; #4– The Thinker; #3 – Venus de Milo; #2 – David by Michelangelo; And coming […]

Poor Old Jack

It’s that time, folks! Get out your tools and start carving your pumpkins. Doing it outside is a good idea but the weather might keep you in. There’s one couple in the third photo at the top who thought it’d be a good idea to carve theirs under water. Makes for easy clean-up. No matter […]

Orange Ya Glad…

(top half) A snapshot of the Brown’s helmet history—details below. (bottom half) Fans are passionate as evidenced by the efforts put into developing new helmet graphics. I do like that first one with the “Dawg” graphic. But I’m pretty partial to the one at the bottom right.  😉   Wow.  My beloved Brownies did it right this past weekend. […]

Joe Info

(top row l to r) Believe it or not, today is National Crush a Can Day. Tomorrow is National Ask a Stupid Question Day. (row two) And Sunday is National Coffee Day, one of my all-time favorites! (row three) Coffee gets me going! They used to call it the think drink. It really is that…and more. (row four l to […]