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Perfect Condiment

Ok. Now I’m hungry. And I just had lunch!!!  :))))) There are certain things that just go together.  Cookies and cream. Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and dip.  And for me, one of those things is French fries and ketchup. Now, I know some of you out there would insist on eating them plain, or […]


We hear enough words every day to fill a small dictionary. But not all of them have a recorded history. Really????? Really. Here are some of them.  Being a grandpa is a magical experience.  It hits me in so many fun ways – watching them grow, having an “adult-child” conversation, getting those amazing, unexpected hugs, rocking […]


I found out some of my favorite song lyrics are not what I thought!  Whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! If you are like me, occasionally you find yourself singin’ in the car (you know from my past blogs, me singing in the house or in public is forbidden) – so when I’m alone, I get to crank up the tunes […]


Out of a can or home-made, soups really are mmm-mmm-good!! :))))   Happy New Year to all my blog readers – I hope you had a safe, fun holiday with family and friends. My wish to you in the New Year is that you prosper in health and wealth, grounded in your faith and love […]


  Each year I love to take time and make plans for my New Year’s resolutions.  Like you, I’ve made some really big ones – BEHAGS for short – and some that just are never going to happen (grow hair, get taller, dunk a basketball, sing in the choir (I’m not even allowed to sing […]

Ahhh, lasagna

Guess what I had for lunch today.  :))))))))))  Now that the daylight savings flip is behind us, it’s time to start cooking indoors – yummy fall soups, fresh breads, sweet deserts and of course Italian sauces and foods. And that includes lasagna. If you’re like me, you can eat lasagna pretty much all the time! […]


I am truly thankful for this wonderful country we all live in – such an incredible continually growing grand experiment of a nation! Family – Friends Blessings both large and small Steve   Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! …