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Gone Fishin’

Lake Erie fishing is a sport and a pastime that appeals to young & old, male & female, novice & competitive angler. Check out that whopper on the right side of row eight above. That’s a 51.5-inch Muskie. WOW!!!!!!!  Me? I’ll be at the grill with some sides ready to whip-up a tasty Walleye or Perch […]


Look closely. Next time you get a piece of fruit check out those really little stickers. They’re really works of art!! Read all about them below. It’s that time of year when I really enjoy fresh fruit from the supermarket.  Not only the strawberries or apples (but I must admit the apples are amazing lately), but […]


Love this time of year. Renewal & beautification at home and at the office. There’s nothing like all that fresh color popping up everywhere. Time to get your hands dirty!!!  :))))))) Now that the doldrums of winter are behind us (please no more surprise storms) it’s time to turn to our gardens and and plan to […]

Got Ya!

Making your kids laugh is fun. (they might think you’re weird but that goes along with the territory) And April fools Day is a great day to go for it!!!!!  :)))))))  Today, April Fool’s Day, is a day for fun and laughter – and you’ll agree, we REALLY need some fun and laughter.  Along with the typical tricks we play on […]

‘The Little’ – Day 1

Thank goodness for calendars!!! Some dates are more important than others. But we still need to track them, share them, and remember them. Take for instance my birthday, __?__?__?__. Good to know, huh??  :))))) The other day I was looking at my calendar, planning my week, staff meetings and calls to help my customers solve their […]

Thanks Enrico

Man, vinyl records were the thing for a hundred years. How’d it all start? Well, that Frenchman in the second row, Edouard-Leon Scott started the ball rolling with that device next to him. Then a young inventor Thomas Edison (third row) developed the idea further. The next photo down shows the first recording super star, […]


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are amazing. Just a few of their important projects: 1. New Orleans flood protection system 2. The Lincoln Memorial 3. The great lakes restoration project 4. The Pentagon 5. ICBM Silos 6. WWII – D-Day They made the landing happen 7. Cape Kennedy vehicle assembly building 8. The Library […]


The Yeti tumblers & coolers are truly amazing!! And they’re tough. Worth every penny.  Want to see what’s inside a Yeti Cup? Watch this father & son do some fun experimenting!!! :))) Being a heat treating guy, I always look closely at things that are hot, and things that are cold.  The other day, driving to […]


I looooooove CAKE! (I know, I know, I do love food of any kind) They’re good anytime but especially fun on birthdays. Everyone can celebrate the event with a great big smile. Don’t forget to make a wish when you blow out the candles! And get them all out in one breath!!!!  :)))) Ah – […]