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“Stop, In the …”

Motown music is attracting a whole new generation…and then some. You go, Detroit!!! I know, you can see the hand gestures and the singers dancing together.  For me, there’s just something about the classic Motown songs of the 60’s and 70’s.  Seems wherever I am down, or I’m feelin’ low, a good tune by the Temptations, the […]

What Goes Up…

The Stock Markets. Some people were born to make investments. Full disclosure: I was not one of them. So, it’s worth finding someone you like, who gets it and has a pretty good record of making money grow. But sometimes it doesn’t grow. Instead, it goes into the toilet. (technical jargon) Ever heard of Enron? So, let’s […]

Just in time.

  It’s been a long week, take some time, read on. Time. It just keeps ticking along. Over the weekend I was watching a couple of great NFL football games and was all caught up with the time clock.  Last-minute heroics seem to be just part of the game these days. Managing the clock.  Running the clock down.  Taking a […]

Nostalgia or the Future

I admit, I’ll eat anything. And these babies are no exception. Never met a frozen dinner I didn’t like. Growing up my Mom was simply amazing.  18 kids (yep that’s right) all needed to be fed, bathed, clothed, schooled, nurtured and loved. Never complaining – just a constant outpouring of “Mom love.”  I was reading an article […]