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It’s sand. Who knew there was so much info on sand. Especially the kind that works best for great sandcastles. Well, good thing you stopped by today. Read on, then impress your friends and family this weekend.  :))))) Now that I hold the title of “grandpa”, I get to do all sorts of fun things with […]


Maize, cob, sweet-corn, kernel, corn-on-the-cob. However you refer to it, it’s just plain good food with plenty of history!!! Read on, and prepare to be amaized!!!!!!!  (Oh, there I go again)  :))))))))  Driving out to the country this past weekend, Jackie and I marveled at the extensive amount of corn.  It seemed like in all directions corn was […]

Spinning Wheel

We’ve all been there. Waiting and staring at your computer screen while that little animated thingy spins. Read below of its origin and see some more interesting animations that very talented people have made to keep us entertained while … we … w-a-i-t. Waiting.  It’s something we encounter every day.  Waiting for the traffic light to change.  Waiting […]

Now That’s Flashy

Lightening Bugs are such a wonder of nature!!!  I still love to see them out at night. And I love to see my kids and grandkids get mesmerized by them.  :))))))))))))))  If you do a search…you’ll find a bunch cool lightening bug t-shirts to show your love for the little critters, too. I’ve been blessed this year in Northeast Ohio […]


Working from the Negroni at the top to the Manhattan at the bottom, these drinks are classics. Read on, friends.  I hope you are enjoying this summer weather as much as I am.  The days have been amazing and the and nights have been incredible.  Recently, Jackie and I and some friends ventured to a small, local […]


(top row) Henry Ford driving his Quadricycle, circa 1896; (row 2 left) Young, eager Henry Ford full of ideas and ambition; (row 2 right) A more seasoned Henry Ford with a lot of successes under his belt and ready for more challenges; (row 3) One of the Model T assembly lines; (row 4) Henry with his son Edsel in the rare Model […]


Cucumbers are really, really good for you. Eat ‘em, drink ‘em, rub ‘em on your skin. It’s all good. No wonder they’ve survived for 4,000 years!!!! Read on to discover more about cucs. Then impress your friends & family with your new found knowledge.  :)))))) I don’t know about you, but there is something wonderful about […]

Always Refreshing

Gazpacho!! It’s as fun to say as it is to eat. Look for some cool and refreshing recipes below. And ENJOY!!!!! :)))))))))) During the summer, I sometimes get the opportunity to enjoy what some call “liquid salad”.  No, it’s not some new-fangled home brew made with hops and barley (although there is an idea there…) – it’s […]

All Tied Up

It is said that the tie makes the man. Read on to see how the man, and woman, makes the tie. I read a post recently about a newscaster who is donating his extensive tie collection to young reporters and newscasters just coming into the profession – paying it forward so to speak. Millions of people […]