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Monkey Fist or Sheepshank?

Knots are so cool! And they’re everywhere you look. Shoes, hair (good knots and bad knots), clothes, presents, trees, food, clothing and more.  Getting ready for my morning run today, I paused for a minute as I tied my running shoes.  Who came up with this knot and how come I can rely in it to […]

Hats Off

  Hats. They can help to define who you are, what you do, feed your ego, keep you safe or simply keep your head warm. Hey, don’t forget to click the link in the story below to see how one kind of hat is made. It’s pretty interesting.   I hope everyone had an amazing holiday […]

And A New Year Begins

(top to bottom) Make Healthier Choices, Travel, Volunteer, Get a Pet, Find a New Hobby, See a Dentist, Pursue a New Career, Enjoy Life to the Fullest, and Call Me!   I get excited when the new year begins.  I find myself cleaning my desk and office, filing things that have been sitting around for months, […]

Flying Houses

The future ain’t what it used to be… (top to bottom) We’ll have ape chauffeurs. We’ll live in flying houses. We’ll have personal helicopters. We will have telepathy. We’ll finally make it to Mars. There will be “nanobots” capable of entering the bloodstream to “feed” cells. The new and improved Kowalski Heat Treating door greeter! […]

Thank You Norman

Norman Rockwell. Love this guy!!.    For those of you who know me best, you already know how much of a little kid I am when it comes to Christmas.  I love it all – the lights, the presents, the goodies, going to Mass and celebrating our Lord, putting out cookies for Santa and the time […]

What’s New Einstein?

It’s hard to believe, but I flipped my calendar to January to book an appointment, and realized we’re closing in on the end of the decade – (just typing the numbers 2020 felt odd – something out of a sci-fi flick for sure).  It got me thinking about the amazing guys I get to work with […]

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can – You Can’t Catch Me, I’m the ____!

  What to listen to while you’re reading this week’s post: The Gingerbread Man, A Song for Children Gingerbread Man by Melanie Martinez – (Official Audio) The Gingerbread Man Song (From a scratchy 78 rpm record.)   Now that Thanksgiving is over, (and you’ve eaten the last piece of leftover pie, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry […]

Giving Thanks

  Thank You… For family both here and past. My first grandchild Being able to get together for a day with family near and far! Can’t forget all of the wonderful food from yesterday! Even during these crazy times that we all have things to be thankful for. We should all take a moment to […]