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Have A Coke and A Smile

Coke has been around for a really long time. (See the story below) It’s everywhere including at my house and office. Famous people like Warren Buffet, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Santa Clause drink it. And their advertising is iconic and has evolved nicely over the years. Those two red background ads under Santa Clause […]


Squirrels are so great!!!   Ok, so I have to admit it – I am fascinated watching squirrels run around. The amount of energy they have especially when you watch one chase the other around the yard.  It does make you wonder, are they just playing tag or is one of them really, really ticked!  With all […]

Can’t Quarantine Love

One thing’s for sure – you can’t quarantine love.  And when it comes to love, the experts rule the day – all of our Moms.  From your buds at KHT, and all of our support team dedicated to solving your PIA (Pain in the @%$) Jobs!, here’s to all the moms out there – (and grandmas and […]

Saddle Up

I love biking. It’s great exercise and great fun. And I love seeing a kid master that balance thing. It’s so great! Going on a long trek or just tooling around the neighborhood, there’s nothing like it. All you really need is a bike and some motivation to just GO!! I’m guessing you share the […]


We “Zoom”. Do you “Zoom”?  Staying connected and productive these days is challenging but that’s how a whole lot of us have to do it now. I’m still getting to the office super early. And I’ve never seen “rush hour” on the West Shoreway like that second photo from the top. It’s from a You Tube […]

Come Together As One

      During these challenging times, let’s be brave, and turn to our Lord and Savior this Easter weekend. “God, you have commanded me to be strong and courageous! Let me not be afraid or discouraged. Remind me that the Lord my God is with me wherever I go.” (Joshua 1:9)       […]

Just Feel Good

Music that speaks to you just plain feels good.  Phew.  What crazy times we are having.  Washing – my hands have never been this clean although I do like the hand lotion I am using now!  Distancing – this has been the toughest part for me, since I am a hugger!  Conference calls – exploring all of the benefits […]


Thank goodness April Fool’s Day is coming up. I really need some diversion from the news these days. So, some innocent pranking is in order. At work (if you’re still working like we are) or at home. Let’s get started:  (top) If you have time and a budget for aluminum foil, this one is amazing. (row two left)Super […]

Get Comfy

I love to eat. That’s an established fact. Set a plate of Comfort Food in front of me and you have a friend for life.  : )   But I’m amazed at how much food I can wear without even eating. Check out these wardrobe finds (left to right, top to bottom) They match the 20 yummy comfort food […]