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Black. White. Brown. Pink. Stand on it. Lay on it. Lay in it. Sand—sometimes it’s how it feels in your hands & between your toes. Sometimes it’s just how it makes you feel. Bonus points if you can name those beautiful people in the little photos under the “feet” photo.  : ) Me and my wife […]


Cheese starts with Cow or goat milk mostly. Although other animals get into the act, too. (read on to find out what animals) But it’s just fun and nutritious to eat cheese. Spread it, cut bites, throw a couple of slices on a sandwich. The uses are many. And it’s all enjoyable. People are so […]

Let Freedom Ring

Enjoy this Independence Day Weekend! Stay safe and remember…Don’t Burn the Burgers!!!! God Bless this amazing country we live in! . . . . . . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: DO YOU LIKE CONTESTS? Me, too. As you may know the Kowalski Heat Treating logo finds its way into the visuals of my Friday posts. I.  Love.  My. […]

75 Years Ago – Nice Call!

The car phone has come a long way, baby. From 80 pounds of equipment in the trunk to devices weighing ounces that are also great cameras, gaming platforms, email apps, and soooooo much more!!! Next you’ll be able to wear them and even see with them. Wow!!!! Driving home, my phone rang through the car […]

Underwater Adventure

Jacques-Yves Cousteau, his sons and now his grandson. Exploring the deep, deep blue sea. Read on to wet your beak (so-to-speak) of exploring where it’s very, very hard to explore. Fascinating!!!!! This past week I had the opportunity to go down to the beach in my town and take in the sites and sounds. Being in […]


I’m soooo hungry from working on this. There’s nothing like a good barbecue. Unless it’s a good grilling out. Yes, there is a difference. Read on to find what that difference is. And don’t forget: plenty of napkins and carry your Tide Stick!  :)))   This past weekend, after the rain, wind and “felt like it […]

Get Out and Jungle

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!  The zoo certainly is one of the most fun places to go. Read on to see why. Then go see for yourself!!!     The weather here in NE Ohio has been absolutely amazing this past week.  Sunny skies, flowers in bloom, fresh air – all good for our post Covid […]

Road Trip!

Back when there were 15 stars & stripes on our glorious flag, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Captain Meriwether Lewis & Second Lieutenant William Clark on an expedition that would change our country forever.  Wouldn’t it be great to have seen the country back in those times? Some of the paintings above give a flavor of the beauty […]