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Technology. The future is here. And the future is coming. So, hang on to your hat, baby!!!!!!!!!! There’s no question that technology has profoundly changed the way we live — how we pay for groceries, watch our favorite shows, browse restaurant menus, communicate and so much more. While these are all seemingly ordinary interactions in […]

I Wish…

The day after Thanksgiving I’m still giving thanks for so many things, especially leftovers. Then there’s the competition to see which two people get to break the wishbone! Now, that’s fun!!!  :))))))))))))))))) Ok so Thanksgiving is over – you’ve stuffed yourself (two or three times yesterday), did the double dip on the stuffing, while adding gravy […]

I’ll Take It

Indian Summer is called Indian Summer for a reason. Why? Read on.  :))) The past few weeks has been anything but amazing.  One day we’re battling frigid mornings and blustery winds, and then a few days later the suns out and we’re (at least me) are trying to figure out how to get that last/best round […]

Steve’s Day

I’ve been thinking about this…if I could rename every day of the week, I’m thinking food might be a good idea. Hey, why not?  :)))). Read on to see why the days of the week are named what they are.  (But I still think food might be good.)   Wouldn’t that be cool – to […]


Scary movies are ok at home…alone. But in a theater with a bunch of screamers might be even more fun. Not to mention a big tub of popcorn and a super sized coke is there for comfort.  :))))))) With Halloween around the corner, I’ve noticed a whole bunch of scary movies popping up. Seems like […]


MMM-mmm-GOOD!!!!!  There’s a pumpkin soup recipe for every taste. Actually, I think I can taste them all!!!  :)))))))) As we all gradually slide into Fall, I realize that my taste buds are also changing (of course I never lose my appetite).  Over the summer I think I’ve had my fill of watermelon and hot dogs and […]


College spirit is great!! Those traditions that get established go with students for the rest of their lives. So, grab a couple of dogs & a beer and get immersed in some rich (and sometimes surprising) traditions.  Now that college football is upon us (seems like it’s gotten bigger, and so much more commercialized than I […]

It’s A Secret

Do you use code when you text or in your emails?  B2B, CRM, RSS, CPM, BRB , URL, HIFW, HMB and ILY and the popular FYI – just some of the shorthand we use in business and social media when communicating.  We’ve become accustomed to use abbreviations to communicate, saving us time in our texts and […]