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(top) What the bat does to a baseball!!! See The University of Massachusetts baseball bat research video HERE; (row 2) The greats: Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth; (row three) A great 1950’s Indians team from left: Dick Howser (SS), Chuck Hinton (1B), Leon Wagner (LF), Rocky Colavito (RF), Max Alvis (3B), Vic Davalillo (CF), Larry Brown […]

Like Spicy Sunshine

Mustard has been around since 2,000 BC. (give or take) Who’d have thought that such a little seed could still bring so much happiness to so many faces and be popular enough to support so many brands at the store. All so I can have mustard on my hot dog!!  :-))))    Spending time on the […]

Sweet & Juicy

Watermelon!!! Nothing like it. And everybody likes it! But it’s especially fun to watch kids eat it, especially if it’s their first time. Even the first of the summer is fun, too. I think that sweet, juicy watermelon just brings out the kid in all of us. Gotta get me some—NOW!!!!!   With the mercury […]


Ahh, the legends. They get told, re-told, embellished and re-embellished. Like St. George and the Dragon, Robin Hood and his Merry Men (Catch the Disney song here at 0.34 seconds in), King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, The Ghost of The Grey Lady and Longleat House and, of course, Lady Godiva’s naked ride […]

July 4th Trivia

I love doing these Friday afternoon emails for you all. They’re fun to do. I find them really interesting. And they give a whole lot of people much needed relief from the week’s stresses. This week’s email is no different. While you’re enjoying the July 4th weekend with friends, family and a hot dog or three, […]

Beep Beep Cha Ching!

The cash machine is something I really take for granted. But it’s only a little older than Kowalski Heat Treating. The first ones in America are in those quaint black & white photos above. Hmm, fashions have changed, too. But they’re so easy! Pull out your card and get some cash. The machines are everywhere. […]

More Please

Whether the farmer grows them or you grow them, potatoes are GREAT!! And when they’re turned into potato salad they’re greater yet!!! Just check-out some of the recipes below, I have.   Growing up in a big family (yes, I’m one of 18 children – world’s bravest Dad and Mom superheroes!) I always enjoy going […]

Smokin Good!!

Smoked meats are fantastic!!! And smokin ‘em is something we can do ourselves. You could build a smokehouse in your backyard for $27,500. Or get the awesome Meadow Creek TS250 Barbeque Smoker Trailer (second photo down) for only $7,195. See that baby HERE.  But most of us will opt for a less expensive option providing the same results. […]