Hey, it’s the 40th Anniversary of the 1975D Lincoln Memorial Penny!

1975-D 768 blog

And it’s our anniversary, too!

We checked with leading numismatists and the overwhelming consensus is that the 1975 and 1975D penny is worth … (drum roll please) … one cent today. Hasn’t increased in value much, huh.

But Kowalski Heat Treating has logged big gains in value over the last 40 years.

To our talented employees, KHT puts food on the table, cars in the driveway, investments and jobs in the neighborhood, and vacations every year.

To our amazing customers, KHT saves products from the scrap pile, provides expertise in all forms of distortion sensitive heat treating from salts to cryogenics to controlled atmosphere processing and everything in between.

And our biggest value? Taking on all sorts of PIA (Pain In The @%$) Jobs! Helping customer’s bottom line and helping them get a better night’s sleep knowing we’re on the job.

So, “A penny for your thoughts.” Let’s talk about your PIA jobs. We were born to solve tough problems!

Also, I hope you are going to Heat Treat 2015 at COBO Convention Center in Detroit Oct 20 – 22. Look for KHT’s Booth number 732 and stop in to win an iPad Air! Click HERE for details. 

Shoot me an email with an idea of when you expect to stop by the booth and I will be sure to be there. (I like to walk the show, too.)