Now That’s Just “Great Timing”

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Click to see the VIDEO HERE.  Challenge: Try getting through this with a straight face. Even if you do make it without laughing out loud, you’ll be crying after Vicki Lawrence finally speaks.


Not often compared, but believe it or not, dynamic thermal processing and comedy share something very special – and that’s great timing. At KHT, whether its our first class turn around time, engineered time in our processing divisions, making sure we’re following the proper cooling schedule, or getting you your parts “JIT” – great treated parts, like comedy, requires great timing.

Tim Conway, a Cleveland born original (like KHT) and a Bowling Green State grad has an amazing knack for great timing. Throughout his career he crushed audiences with his wit, dry humor and impeccable timing in so many TV series and movies – some of our favorites include McHale’s Navy, The Steve Allen Show, The Carol Burnett Show, Dorf, the Apple Dumpling Gang and on his own television series The Tim Conway Show.

For fun, we thought we’d dig into the archives and share with you a classic sketch from the Carol Burnett Show titled “The Elephant Story”. The scene takes place during afternoon dress rehearsal – and, well – just watch it through, as I’m sure it will help you wrap up your week with a belly laugh and a smile. Tim shares the stage with Carol Burnett, Vicky Lawrence and one of the very best, Dick Van Dyke.

Like a great comedy troupe, at Kowalski Heat Treating, we go to great lengths to make sure our timing on your PIA (Pain In The @%$) Jobs! is on target, helping you save time and money by revitalizing underperforming materials, reducing waste and scrap and providing you confidence you’re working with a reliable, dedicated (and fun) partner. Enjoy!!

Watch “The Elephant Story” below, or click to view on YouTube