KHT Tips On How To Enjoy the Super Bowl

Like most across the country, the gang at KHT Heat will be settling in to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. Here’s a list of our favorite traditions and tips to enjoy the annual event.

Friends & Family – be sure to get yourself invited to a friend or family members house. We’ve found it’s more fun to visit, chat, eat and drink together with your friends and family. google down . If possible, try to be a “guest” – with the game running so late, it’s best to jump up and leave when you need to, and not be burdened with clean up.

Football Squares – make up a 10 x 10 square grid, with Seattle on top and Patriots on the left side. Ask your guests to initial a set number of squares until the entire board is complete – balance the number of squares with the numbers of guests at the house. Have one of the kids shuffle playing cards numbered 1-10, and draw them one at a time, writing the numbers above the columns. Reshuffle and write in numbers next to the rows. If you do not want to use money, pick some fun prizes – food, desserts, skip clean up, get leftovers – whatever and award based on the score at the end of the first quarter, half-time, third quarter and final score. Baltske more Here’s a photo we found on-line – kudos to the prize designer. Read about it here.


Food – this is really big in the Kowalski households – make sure you have LOTS of food – not too much of the healthy stuff (save that for Monday) – the “football game” stuff – pizza, wings, chips, dips, meats, buns, cheese, toppings and more. And remember, let your heated items cool properly before touching…something we’ve learned at the plant. Here’s a photo we found online of one of our favorite table make-ups – see if you can top this! 



Watch The Commercials – the Super Bowl is THE place for big brands and advertisers to have some fun and get people to smile, laugh or notice their brands. Look for you favorites, and then jump on social media and share your picks – log on to Facebook and Twitter and comment as the commercials run, and check out AdWeek’s picks on Monday.

Halftime – sit back and enjoy Katie Perry this year, along with the great commercials.

Be Safe – most of all, be safe. Have fun and be sure to make it in on Monday.

All The Best – (Go Brown’s in ’15!!)

The Gang at Kowalski Heat Treating

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