What does Kowalski Heat Treating and the Bic Disposable Razor have in common?


A quick Google search produced the answer to that question.

bic 768 blog

Happy Anniversary to the Bic Disposable Razor!

Kowalski Heat Treat & Bic Disposable Razor are both 40 this year!!

And we both deal with blades. Although ours are way bigger and should never touch your face. You know, like saw blades, swords, knives, mower blades. Get the idea?

A Challenge: Go ahead, shave half of your face, your head or (if you’re so inclined) shave one leg. Send me a photo of the results and a panel of experts (the guys in the shop and my wife) will pick a winner to receive a brand new Kowalski Heat Treat logo mug. And a runner-up will receive a KHT t-shirt for your effort. Have fun!



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