8 “Hot” Valentine’s Day Ideas from the Thermal Processing Experts

We know all about raising the temperature – something that happens around here day and night. Here are a few fun ideas and tips you can use to make the most of your Valentine’s Day and weekend.

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1. Get Tickets to a Show – go online and look in your local area for fun show tickets. Check out local theater and what’s on the bill downtown. See if the matinee fits your schedule and make a day of it – go a bit early and enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood.
2. Take A Long Walk – remember when you were dating and how much fun it was to walk holding hands. Bundle up and create a new route in your neighborhood. If it’s cold, like here in Cleveland, write your name in the snow and be sure to end up back in the kitchen for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Bring the kids along too and watch how much fun you’ll all have together.
3. Hide The Remote – may sound crazy, but declare a “no screens” night. No TV, computer or video games. Start a fire and just relax together. Talk about all the projects around the house that need to be done…don’t worry, by morning they will be forgotten.
4. Share A New Wine – set a budget and venture into the wine shop to try something new. Spend a little extra, and then head over to the grocery store to match it up with a simple light dinner and dessert. Light a candle and make it special.
5. Go Shopping Together – find a local store you both like and go shopping together. Set a budget, and split up to find something for your loved one. Check out separately, and wait until you get home to surprise one another. Save the receipt as you never know if your selection matches what your mate has in mind.
6. Build A Fire – there’s nothing like a nice fire to warm the house and help you relax. Pile on the firewood and get out the blanket. Spend time together just sitting. Perhaps a back rub is in order.
7. Text All Day – starting when you get up, send a text to your spouse (and kids) once an hour. Tell them just how special they are and have some fun. Send them on a scavenger hunt around the house with clues and remind them of the days when you first met.
8. Dinner & Dancing – remember when you were young how much fun you had dancing together. Pick up dinner on the way home and surprise your spouse. Dig out the old tapes and CD’s and play your favorites. If the kids are with you, make it a fun pizza night, and let them be the DJ – move away the furniture and boogie up a storm together – you’ll have a blast!

BONUS: Visit the Senior Center – have the kids make up handmade Valentine’s Day cards and buy some inexpensive candies. Head over to the center nearby and get permission to drop off Valentine’s Day goodie bags to the residents – watch their faces light up that someone took the time to make their day.


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