A Whole Week of “Thanks” to All

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The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe (1914)


With Thanksgiving coming next week, I just want to say “THANKS”! Celebrating our 40th anniversary this year is amazing and exciting for the KHT Family.

All Our Thanks

  • To our wonderful customers who have trusted in us over the years.
  • To our reliable vendors who have supported us over the years.
  • To our hard-working staff who have made us great, time and again.
  • To all our friends, neighbors, and extended families – without your support, we could not have reached this milestone.
  • To Dad and Mom for providing the wisdom, encouragement, guidance and support all of these years.
  • And finally, to my wife and daughters – I am truly blessed.

May the blessings of Thanksgiving, the love of family, the nourishment of food and the goodwill of friends and family fill your homes this Thanksgiving week.

We are grateful for all you do.

And, on Thursday, may your toughest decision of the day be seconds or thirds or in my case fourths!





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