And A New Year Begins

(top to bottom) Make Healthier Choices, Travel, Volunteer, Get a Pet, Find a New Hobby, See a Dentist, Pursue a New Career, Enjoy Life to the Fullest, and Call Me!


I get excited when the new year begins.  I find myself cleaning my desk and office, filing things that have been sitting around for months, and making new “to do” lists.  (I’m a list junkie, but also good at crossing things off once completed).  As I am writing this, I’m laughing because Jackie knows that I have somewhat of a challenge getting rid of “things”… yep almost all things! I enjoy updating my new KHT calendar and showing off my new socks I got for Christmas (I’m a bit of a sock nut, too). Check out my previous post!  I also have my list of resolutions – things I plan and sometimes don’t get to.  Here’s a nice reminder list from writer Anjana Rajbhandry – pick a few and give them a try.


1. Make Healthier Choices – Everyone thinks about a new exercise program or just going for a walk to start. Do something active. Eat better. You don’t have to start a trendy diet, just start by avoiding processed and fried foods and cut back on the unnecessary sugars.

2. Travel – now is a great time to plan a trip.  Escape from the cold or visit somewhere exotic and fun.  Tons of spots in the US and abroad.  I’m heading to Florida and the West Coast – can’t wait.

3. Volunteer – there is nothing like being a coach or teacher.  Share your skills, especially in your local community.  Raise your hand and find the time to share and make a difference.  Whether it is at a food pantry or an animal shelter, there is always a need for help. Plus, it will make you feel so much better and happier.

4. Filter Your Clothes (and shoes) – Make it a point to get rid of all the clothes and shoes that you have not worn – that look is so last three years… Decluttering gives you unexplainable mental peace and opens space for some new finds.

5. Get a Pet – It has been proven that having a pet makes us happier, so why not get yourself a little dog or a cat? And if you don’t want that much responsibility- get a fish.  Watching fish swim can actually lower your blood pressure. If you can’t manage a pet, buy yourself a new plant and watch it grow.

6. Find a New Hobby – We spend so much time on our phones that we tend to forget there are other things to do out there. Knitting, cooking, hiking, painting, gardening and cooking – even learning a new language- keep learning, challenge that brain of yours. Jackie and I took up kayaking a few years back and we love it.

7. Buy a New Mattress – You know you need to. We spend more than half our lives in bed- sleeping, resting or watching Netflix. Your back and your body need the best support and comfort it can get. Good sleep is essential for overall health, so investing in a good mattress and soft sheets is a smart investment.

8. Go See a Dentist (and get a physical too) – It’s amazing how many people do not go to the dentist. A yearly checkup and cleaning will keep you on track and give more life to your pearly whites.  A lot of our health is under our control, how we treat our body is how our body will treat us back. A yearly visit to the physician is important to see everything is running okay and pay a little for the basic blood work- it’s always better to know your sugar and cholesterol numbers.

10. Pursue a New Career – If you ended the year complaining about your job, what have you been doing about it? Go to networking events, research online and pay someone to redo your resume – you will not regret it.  The job market has NEVER been better!

11. Talk to your Parents Weekly – and go visit –  I am so lucky to have Mom and Dad around – and all of my extended family – Make it a point to talk to your parents on a weekly basis because you have no idea how much they have done for you and how much it will mean to them – if you are a parent, you get it.

12. Make Plans to See Your Best Friends – Life happens, work happens, and relationships happen- but best friends go on forever. It is easy to get distracted and forget to make time with the closest friends in life. I plan a trip with my buds every spring – and it’s simply a blast.  Even our “planning” get togethers are fun.

13. Use Sunscreen and Quit Smoking – If you do not already, please start soon. The sun’s harsh UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes burn) have been affecting your skin everyday so protect it. Being tan will never be more important than being safe. And, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions does not need a January 1 date. The best time to quit is right now, not tomorrow or the 1st of any date. So quit that smoking habit- it is bad for you, for others, the environment and your pocket.

14. Enjoy Life to the Fullest – According to psychology, the key to enjoying life to the fullest is not making major life changes or big achievements- it is in enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life, like going for a walk or treating yourself to that ice cream. Also having a daily ritual adds a lot of satisfaction to life.  Stop watching polar politics and everything that’s bad … celebrate!

15.  Try the Serenity Prayer – we all know the prayer, or have heard of it, as it’s often associated with people in recovery.  But, if you say it out loud, and try a few of the versions, I think you’ll know what I thinking here – especially that “wisdom” part.  Give it a try:

AND, My Favorite – Call Me! – I absolutely love hearing from all of my customers, vendors, business partners and friends who read our blog – each week I get calls and emails from you – and it makes my day.  Give me a call and let’s catch up – I’d love to hear about your holiday, your business successes from last year, your plans for 2020, and all that’s fun in your life.  216-631-4411 (office) If I don’t pick up, I’m likely working on a very important PIA (pain in the #%$) Job! so leave me a message and I promise I’ll call back.  If email is easier, and include a number so I can call you.

And did I mention: Get a Pet???




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