Off Walkin’

The many benefits of walking are listed below. And remember, if you’re having trouble getting motivated to walk every day, get a dog!  :))))))

This late winter, and early spring weather has me in the best mood.  Living in NE Ohio, we sort of expect it to be cold and wintery through March – but what a treat this weather has been.  Sunny mornings, warmer days, and clear skies. With the itch to get out, I’ve been continuing  my running, but also am enjoying leisurely walks. Getting out really early in the morning allows me to  experience beautiful Cleveland waking up. Even if it’s a little crisp, Jackie and I  find the time to stroll, catching up on our day, chatting about the kids and grandkids, and just enjoying “being outside”.  For those of you in warmer climates, this may not make as much sense, but up north, it’s a blessing. Walking in 15F weather through 18” of the white stuff isn’t as much fun!  I went online to find some good reasons to convince you to get away from the “screens” for a bit and get outside.  Enjoy, and thanks to  for the tips, and You Tube for the walking music.  Enjoy!!

Some high steppin’ tunes – keep listening as there are many songs to enjoy (skip commercials)

Walking can offer numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. Walking is free to do and easy to fit into your daily routine. All you need to start walking is a sturdy pair of walking shoes. You can walk alone or bring a friend or two or three! Here are some of the benefits of walking.

1. Burn calories 

Walking can help you burn calories. Burning calories can help you maintain or lose weight. Your actual calorie burn will depend on several factors, including: walking speed, distance covered, terrain (you’ll burn more calories walking uphill than you’ll burn on a flat surface). You can determine your actual calorie burn through a calorie calculator.

2. Strengthen your heart 

Walking at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week can reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by about 19 percent. And your risk may reduce even more when you increase the duration or distance you walk per day.

3. Can help lower your blood sugar 

Taking a short walk after eating may help lower your blood sugar.  A small study found that taking a 15-minute walk three times a day (after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) improved blood sugar levels more than taking a 45-minute walk at another point during the day.  Consider making a post-meal walk a regular part of your routine. It can also help you fit exercise in throughout the day.

4. Eases joint pain

Walking can help protect the joints, including your knees and hips, because it helps lubricate and strengthen the muscles that support the joints. Walking may also provide benefits for people living with arthritis, such as reducing pain. And walking 5 to 6 miles a week may also help prevent arthritis.

5. Boosts immune function 

Walking may reduce your risk for developing a cold or the flu. One study tracked 1,000 adults during flu season. Those who walked at a moderate pace for 30 to 45 minutes a day had 43 percent fewer sick days and fewer upper respiratory tract infections overall. Their symptoms were also lessened if they did get sick, compared to adults in the study who were sedentary.

6. Boost your energy 

Going for a walk when you’re tired may be a more effective energy boost than grabbing a cup of coffee. Walking increases oxygen flow through the body. It can also increase levels of cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine – the hormones that help elevate energy levels.

7. Improve your mood 

Walking can help your mental health. Studies show it can help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood. It can also boost self-esteem and reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.  To experience these benefits, aim for 30 minutes of brisk walking or other moderate intensity exercise three days a week. Remember you can always walk to your favorite ice cream shop (Malley’s and Mitchell’s for us Cleveland folks). This is guaranteed to improve your mood!

8. Extend your life

Walking at a faster pace could extend your life. Researchers have found that walking at an average pace compared to a slow pace resulted in a 20 percent reduced risk of overall death.

But walking at a brisk or fast pace (at least 4 miles per hour) reduced the risk by 24 percent.

9. Tone your legs 

Walking can strengthen the muscles in your legs. To build up more strength, walk in a hilly area or on a treadmill with an incline, or find routes with stairs. Also trade off walking with other cross-training activities like cycling or jogging. For my ambitious buds, you can also perform resistance exercises like squats, lunges, and leg curls to further tone and strengthen your leg muscles. I would simply recommend not doing squats while you walk!

10. Creative thinking – Helping Us with Your PIA (Pain in the @$%) Jobs!

Walking helps clear your head and help you think creatively. A study that included four experiments compared people trying to think of new ideas while they were walking or sitting. Researchers found participants did better while walking, particularly while walking outdoors.

The researchers concluded that walking opens up a free flow of ideas and is a simple way to increase creativity and get physical activity at the same time.

Tips for staying safe while walking:

– Walk in areas designated for pedestrians. Look for well-lit areas if possible.

– In the evening or early morning hours, wear a reflective vest or light so cars can see you.

– Wear sturdy shoes with good heel and arch support.

– Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

– Drink plenty of water before and after your walk to stay hydrated.

– Wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, even on cloudy days.

– ALWAYS look both ways before crossing streets and intersections.  Watch out for buses!

So, get walkin’.  Recruit a friend or family member to walk with you (and hold you accountable).

Consider getting a pedometer or other fitness tracker to keep track of your daily steps.

Be Safe – Have fun!



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