Let’s Go

(left column top to bottom) Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad; Authentic family recipe Greek baked goods in Cincinnati; The World’s First Beer Hotel — With In-room Taps and Shower Mini-bars in Columbus (Really!); In any season Medina is so darn charming; The spectacular Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal; Our beautiful state flag! (right column top to bottom) The wedge salad at Ninety One Wood Fired Oven in Jackson Township (the steaks are awesome, too); The famous “Y” bridge in Zanesville; Visit Milan and the birthplace museum of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century; When you’re in Cinci, get your coffee fix at Felix; Amish Country is great for scenic drives, wonderful food and interesting shopping opportunities;   Exploring the parks in Ohio can take up a lot of your free time.


As we all turn the page to 2019, I took some time this week and reflected on those things that I really enjoyed this past year, those things that gave me pause, and those things I wanted to continue to do.  Morning runs, foodie experiments with my kids, sampling craft beers and tasty coffee, a plate of hot tater tots at my favorite stop, breakfasts with my golf buddies, and most of all my day trips with Jackie.  Of course, we didn’t do enough of them, but when we did, we always enjoyed exploring and experiencing things we knew were nearby, but never took the time to go visit. I came across a neat website called Ohio Explored, https://www.ohioexplored.com filled with “tons” of cool ideas – food, wine, breweries, crafts, hotels, parks, trails, and a bunch of small businesses throughout the state.  As a small business owner, I salute these brave souls – both the start-ups and the established entrepreneurs.  Seemed like the more I explored on the site, the more cool ideas I came across – handmade jam, vintage clothing, retreat spaces, live music, wine spots and of course food – lots of food – best tacos, best pizza, best coffee and some of the best things made in Ohio – ceramics, art, crafts, cookies, jewelry – and the list goes on.  So, for my New Year’s resolution, after I solve your pesky PIA (pain in the @%$) Jobs!, I’ll be jumping in the heat mobile and hitting the road, reporting back on the great things I find.  And I hope you do the same – as you explore, be sure to shoot me a note on the visits, with any photos I can share with our readers.  All the best in 2019.