(top) Wow!!! (row two left) Elon Musk and his son watch the lift-off (row three left) “Starman” floating in space. (row three right) A tweet by Jon Fusco makes the point: “Tesla playing Bowie (2018)” and Bowie playing Tesla (2006). David Bowie actually played Nikola Tesla in the Christopher Nolan film “The Prestige”. (row four) Check out the screen on the Tesla dashboard. (bottom) These booster rockets dropped of the main rocket and landed upright…at the same time. Wow!!!!


Every once in a while, events happen that just take my breath away.  Last week, as you probably read, Elon Musk’s Space X vehicle had a successful launch.  I was intrigued, not just as a curiosity seeker, but also as a business owner.  Think about it – here’s a guy, Elon Musk, who decided he wanted to go to Mars.  He creates a company, recruits an incredible team, overcomes ridiculous odds, and then includes things never before tried, like landing the rocket boosters safely back on earth, and landing the rocket booster safely on a floating drone ship in the middle of the ocean … really.  So, on behalf of all of us business owners, dreamers, daily masters of PIA (Pain in the @%$) Jobs!, employers, and Americans, I salute you, your staff, your vision and passion to make this happen.  Take the time today to watch the launch (and re-entry) of the vehicle parts, and then watch the footage of Elon’s reaction, and then enjoy the Tesla Starman views … WOW !!


Launch and side booster landings:


Elon Musk Emotional Reaction To Falcon Heavy Launch and Interview:


“Starman” – in space:



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