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(row by row starting at top left) Trends out of Paris starting with ELEVEN PARIS Men’s Black Padded Jacket. I like that dude’s t-shirt more; New business dress out of Paris; They’re predicting a splash of red; Not into red? Try orange; European football scarves in time for the 2018 World Cup in Russia; Hey, look! The 1970’s is sending us their track suits; Moss green comfy sweater. Hmm, I could wear that; Now this is my style! Button down shirt & jeans. Yea, even that buckle.  So, I have a question: Why is it that models look so mad? I mean, really. Don’t these people own a mirror? If you look that good, you don’t have any reason to be mad at anything. Ever.


We have just finished Thanksgiving and Black Friday is upon us. For those of you who “really” know me, you’ve probably figured out what a fashion animal I am. Just the other day, I was in the closet pushing my KHT “summer collection” aside, to reach for my KHT fall/winter wear.  Yep, you guessed it – long sleeve button down KHT shirt (check), khakis (check), blue (or red) sweater (check), blue (or “monkey” – this will be another blog  as I love fun socks!) socks (check), shoes Dad would wear (check), KHT windbreaker (check). Needless to say, when I got downstairs feeling all “hipster”, Jackie didn’t even notice any of my extravagance – (I went all urban with part of my shirt tail showing from under my sweater – I just forgot to tuck my shirt in).  So, to kick it up a notch, I decided to see what the latest fashion trends are for “us guys” this Fall/Winter.  I hit the internet, and realized seeing what is in this Fall, I “may” be a bit out of Vogue.  But surprisingly, some of what’s in the back of my closet may be coming back into style again. Below are just a few of my favorites – Enjoy!! (and thanks Vogue Paris for the insights).   Although I do want to thank Vogue Paris – I am really a button down and Jeans guy.  Look for me to discuss shoes in an upcoming post.  I have 5 wonderful women in my life and I actually have a decent working knowledge of shoes.  🙂

  1. Padded Jackets – (think bubble wrap) – If you only buy one piece, make it the new padded jacket, combining fashion craftsmanship with high-tech fabrics and flirting with new approaches to padding to create hybrid forms.
  2. Business Class – An undercurrent to this season’s shows, business dress is back, with a slightly sinister edge. Think Wall Street in 1985 and the glory days of Wall Street, with extra-large shirts and patterned satin neckties, worn a little long.
  3. Go Red – It’s never been as present on the runway, the color scarlet sketched the outline of an ardent new modernity that nevertheless respected the rule of elegance. It provided a burst of color that electrified the menswear wardrobe this season – (did someone say Buckeyes??).
  4. Orange Ya Glad? – If scarlet is not “you” try a blast of orange – the psychedelic comeback as clothes in a cocktail of colors were given a dose of vitamin C orange for sunny, street-ready style.
  5. GOOAALL! – Hands-down the accessory of the season has been the football scarf to style central since the collective’s early collections, with a logo fan scarf just in time for 2018’s Soccer World Cup in Russia
  6. Did you have one in the 70’s? – If anyone was wondering if fashion is becoming more street, the tracksuit’s return to the runway will be their answer. And as the MTV generation takes the reins at the biggest fashion houses, it won’t be long before we see their labels on the hip-hop scene.
  7. Green Moss – go ahead and get that new sweater – dark, lush green, thick and comfy is the answer – throw in some comfy pants and your all set for the weekend stroll.


And for the ladies – look for full length furs and retro hats, glitterati boots, western wear, 70’s plaid, leisure suits, big shoulders and fishnets – just to name a few trends.





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