Guess Dad Just Got “In the Mood”



40 years ago, Dad took a leap forward from his successful operations and management job and got “in the mood” to start his own business, centered on his strong family values, customer service approach and drive to deliver top quality work.  Today, following the same energy and initiative, we’re groovin’ – pushing things forward by continuing to invest in his vision, growing our service platform and inserting our energy into the business.

And the mood around here – simply fantastic!!

For our engineering friends, we thought we’d salute another 40th anniversary accomplishment, and a fellow “sensitive thermal processing” provider – The Mood Ring. Invented by two New Yorkers, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, the mood ring became a fad in the mid 70’s, shared by friends and lovers to keep track of each others moods. Made from a specialized liquid crystal thermometer, the mood ring was wearable on the finger and usually ornamented with a faux gemstone made of quartz or glass and filled with thermo chromatic liquid crystal. Changes in temperature cause the crystal to reflect different wavelengths of light that in turn changed the color of the stone. Most mood rings were set up to display a neutral color at the average human skin temperature, approx. 37 degrees C. Each mood ring came with a color chart indicating the supposed mood the wearer was in – blue for calm, red for excited and yellow for nervous – perfect for young teens to watch and giggle about.

So next time you are stressed, or anxious about your PIA (pain in the @#$) jobs, slide on your old mood ring and give us a call – we’ll help you “chill out, baby” and “make sometin’ happen” on your next job. Peace, baby.



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