“We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”


Roger Kastel’s original JAWS artwork, three movie posters and a couple of the many JAWS parodies.

Click HERE to view the original video trailer.

We all know the spine tingling soundtrack – da, da, da, da, – da, da, da, da. Years later is still instills fear and anticipation.

Sharing our 40th anniversary here at KHT, and our love for cooling things and water (we look out over Lake Erie) Jaws is one of our favorite movies. And talk about a PIA (Pain in the @#$) Job – convince a group of beachgoers of the possibility of killer man-eating sharks in the water, and then set out on a small fishing boat to catch it, Jaws was unmatched in it’s action and suspense. Based on Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name, it starred Roy Scheider (as police chief Martin Brody), Richard Dreyfuss (as oceanographer Matt Hooperback and Robert Shaw (as the unflappable shark hunter Quint), all directed by the up and coming young Steven Spielberg.

Looking back today, the idea that there was once no such thing as a “summer movie season” seems inconceivable, as Jaws became the paradigm for the very idea of summer blockbuster films. Yet, this was the case in 1975 and the surprise success of Jaws chilled moviegoers to the bone, instilling a whole new fear of swimming and sharks.

So next time you go for a swim to “beat the heat”, think about your pals at Kowalski Heat Treating – and remember …. “da, da, da, da” …. You never know what’s lurking below.



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