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                                                                                                                                                                  Our old phone system.

One of the projects we’ve recently completed here at Kowalski Heat Treating is updating our phone system. Like many of you have likely discovered at your place, our phone system and actual phones themselves were dated and not performing very well. So we met with a bunch of vendors, talked about options, features and cost savings, installation, and a whole host of options: IOP, VolP, cloud-based mobile integration, 3rd generation this, A2DP that, HSCSD’s, Multi-Touch, USB ports WAP, call forwarding, and more. Eventually, somehow working through all the options, we “pulled the trigger” on our new system.

And boy, I’m glad we did. We now have an integrated system, with more “do-dads” and buttons than I care to understand (still working on that “interoffice instant messaging” thingie).

But with all the new features, something that hasn’t changed is me answering my phone when it rings. Since I’ve been in business, I’ve always enjoyed picking up the phone and talking with customers, vendors, and friends. It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but I never want to stop doing this.

Unlike emails, calls for me are immediate, “real-time”, more personal and most often center around helping customers solve their PIA (Pain in The @%$) Jobs! I love it. Phone calls allow me to focus, listen, advise, problem solve, chit chat and best of all, just let out a good laugh.

So next time you want to talk, have a heat treating problem, need to connect with someone here at KHT, or just wanna catch up, do the old fashioned thing and give me a call. I’ll make sure I set aside what’s on my desk, and spend some good old-fashioned phone time with you.

216-631-4411 ext. 2211




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