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My wife is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  :))  Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)))))

September is a special time for Jackie and I  – when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Over the years, we’ve had a nice dinner night out, a quick overnight trip, and even just stayed home with the kids. Ironically, we have a few close friends in our town who have the exact same anniversary date down to the year!  Wedding anniversaries have a rich history and are often celebrated as milestones in a couple’s journey together. It is amazing how fast time goes by.  I can recall our first anniversary, let’s just say Ronald Reagan was president the year we got married!! The tradition of commemorating wedding anniversaries dates back centuries and has evolved over time. Here’s a brief overview of the history, some traditional gifts and a bunch of ideas to try this year. CLICK  (PS GUYS – Don’t forget!!). Special thanks to wikipedia.com, townandcountry.com, flowerbytina.com, and hallmark.com.

The concept of celebrating wedding anniversaries can be traced back to ancient Roman times. The Romans would observe anniversaries for both weddings and birthdays.

The tradition of associating specific materials with different milestone anniversaries is believed to have originated in medieval Europe. Couples would celebrate their 25th anniversary with silver and their 50th anniversary with gold.

Queen Victoria of England is said to have popularized the idea of getting diamonds when she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. (and boy did she get big diamonds! – check ‘em out HERE

In the early 20th century, a list of traditional anniversary gifts was compiled, known as the “Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year” list. It provided suggestions for gifts made from different materials, starting from the first anniversary (paper) and continuing through to the 75th anniversary (diamonds and gold).  Here’s a list of anniversary “gifts” by year

Rather than just flowers and dinner, try one of these: 

  1. Tree Planting: Some couples choose to plant a tree on their wedding anniversary as a symbol of their growing love and relationship. As the tree grows, it serves as a living reminder of their journey together.
  2. Locked Love: Inspired by the practice of attaching locks to bridges, couples may place a lock with their names and anniversary date on a designated location, such as a fence or sculpture. This act symbolizes their unbreakable bond.
  3. Message in a Bottle: Couples can write heartfelt messages to each other and seal them in a bottle. These messages can be opened and read on future anniversaries, creating a time capsule of their emotions and memories.
  4. Adventure or Challenge: Some couples use their anniversaries as an opportunity to challenge themselves or embark on a unique adventure together. This could involve trying a new activity, taking a spontaneous road trip, or conquering a shared fear.
  5. Memory Jar: Throughout the year, couples write down memorable moments, thoughts, and experiences on small pieces of paper and place them in a designated “memory jar.” On their anniversary, they read and reminisce about these notes.
  6. Surprise Letters: Couples write letters to each other and seal them in envelopes, each marked with a specific anniversary year (e.g., 5th, 10th, 15th). These letters are meant to be opened and read on the corresponding anniversaries.
  7. Cooking Challenge: Some couples create a tradition of cooking a special meal together on their anniversary. They may take turns choosing the ingredients or experimenting with new recipes.
  8. Anniversary Adventure Map: Couples might have a map where they mark the places they’ve visited together over the years. Each year, they plan a new adventure to explore a place they haven’t been before.
  9. Dress-up Tradition: Some couples wear their wedding attire or incorporate elements of it into their anniversary celebrations, such as putting on their wedding gown or suit for a special dinner.
  10. Anniversary Stones: Similar to birthstones, some couples choose a specific gemstone that represents their relationship and celebrate their anniversary by exchanging jewelry featuring that stone.
  11. Recreating First Date: A sentimental tradition involves recreating the couple’s first date, trying to capture the magic and nostalgia of their early days together.  The challenge will be remembering your first date!
  12. Anniversary Adventure Book: Couples document their anniversaries in a scrapbook or journal, including photos, mementos, and notes about their experiences each year.
  13. Play Golf … (ok, so I threw that one in – but still a good idea for one of you!!)

The key is to find something that resonates with both partners and helps you create lasting memories while celebrating their enduring love. Be sure to share your creativity with me – skowalski@khtheat.com.



Me, too.

As you may know the Kowalski Heat Treating logo finds its way
into the visuals of my Friday posts.
I.  Love.  My.  Logo.
One week there could be three logos.
The next week there could be 15 logos.
And sometimes the logo is very small or just a partial logo showing.
But there are always logos in some of the pictures.
So, I challenge you, my beloved readers, to count them and send me a
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On the following Tuesday I’ll pick a winner from the correct answers
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So, start counting and good luck!  
Oh, and the logos at the very top header don’t count.
Got it? Good.  :-))))
Have fun!!


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