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A big Kowalski Heat Treating Shout Out to all the Dad’s out there for:

  • Going on great adventures – across the country in my case!
  • Playing catch in the backyard
  • Putting family first always
  • Teaching us the importance of prayer
  • Making Sunday pancakes – Pierogis – ground meat on toast
  • Getting that dog even if it poops on the rug
  • Grilling chicken outside. Even in winter.
  • Being patient and kind
  • Loving Mom unconditionally
  • Loving Me unconditionally
  • Encouraging us to get back up, again and again.
  • Teaching us to be good men and women
  • Being a role model
  • Making time for the kids
  • Being a great teacher
  • Not telling Mom everything – especially having hot dogs from the Hot Dog Inn on the way home from work!



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