“Don’t Break The Chain”

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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably set out your personal and business goals for 2016. I have and am already feeling the pinch to stay on course… and it’s only been two weeks into the New Year!

What works best for me is making short lists I can keep handy. I, of course, have my personal goals – eat better, keep running regularly, be nicer to folks, go to church regularly, be sure to spend time with the girls – and all so far are going fine.

But the one that “gets” me, especially here at the office is – procrastination. Yep and as you’d imagine, I keep putting it off. So what I’ve decided to do this year is “just procrastinate less”. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t completely eliminate my issue, so I figure I’ll just chip away at it and see if, in time, I can beat it.

And, so far so good. I have my “to do” lists organized into buckets – sorted by Easy to the BHAGS (big harry ____ goals), my “project piles” and my “take home/bring back stuff” (you know, the stuff you put in your briefcase, carry home with great intentions to work on, take it out and spread it on the homework office desk – get busy with life at home – then the next day, pick it back up untouched, and bring it back to the office to only be recycled again.

One idea I’m going to try I heard from a friend. It’s called “don’t break the chain”. It actually comes from some online folklore credited to the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld (he laughs that he is credited with inventing it) and goes something like this.

Hang a big wall calendar right where you can see it every day that shows all twelve months of the year. Then begin that goal or project you have – (for Jerry, it was to write multiple new jokes every day). Each day, as you work on the project/goal, put a big X on that day of the week when you have put time and thought into it and made progress – keep at it and “don’t break the chain”. Be honest with yourself, and see how long you can go, hopefully until the project/goal is completed. The habit and chain link will help you. And if you start another project, just use a different color X. I’m gonna give it a try right after my pal drops off the wall calendar and markers – (he knows me too well and figures I’ll “put off” getting the supplies).

Good Luck and know if you are wavering, or get stuck, feel free to give me a call. I’ll do my best to help you move through the muck and keep going. Together we can get through things and make for a better 2016. I will keep you posted throughout the year!

Also, we’d love to hear your resolutions and tips to stay the course – we’ll collect the best and share them down the road. Please send them along while we keep diligently plugging away at your PIA (Pain In The @#$) Jobs!





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