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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about what to do this year. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, as I get to share some extra love for my amazing wife Jackie, my beautiful daughters and their significant others, and of course the grandkids. I thought about the traditional candy and flowers and goodies and a night out – but think what I’ll try this year is to just stay home and make a fun meal together with Jackie. And try to have some of the family over too!  Now I’m not a chef – although I certainly know my way around the kitchen!  It is amazing how many bowls I can use while preparing the sumptuous feast! I went online and typed in “homemade Valentine’s Day dinners” and boom, up came tons of ideas. According to the writers, “whatever Valentine’s dinner ideas you choose, it’ll be fine. The care you put into cooking for someone is much more important than whether you splash out on caviar and lobster or spend half your grocery budget on a bottle of Champagne. None of those things are Jackie and I anyway. Jackie just has fun with me asking her questions on various seasonings and cooking times. Below are links to recipes including creamy pastas, easy risotto, impressive but foolproof soup, yummy steaks, and more. (I have chosen some of my favorites to get you going). Once your main course is settled, it’s time to start thinking about simple appetizers, dessert (something chocolate of course), wine or your favorite beverage of choice. Have fun– and wish me luck in the kitchen!  Special thanks to, and for the ideas and for the tunes.  ENJOY!!

34 Special Recipes
Steve’s Picks: Check out – You Won’t Be Single for Long Vodka Cream Pasta, Beef Wellington, Prosciutto, Brie and Apricot Crostini, Surf and Turf sans the asparagus.

50 Romantic Dinners
Steve’s Picks: Check out – Creamy Steak Fettuccine, French Onion Gnocchi Soup, , Honey Garlic Salmon,  + boyfriend steak! ( Nothing like a good steak!)

Best Wines to Compliment
Steve’s Picks: Check Out – ALL!

YouTube Dinner Music


Me, too.

As you may know the Kowalski Heat Treating logo finds its way
into the visuals of my Friday posts.
I.  Love.  My.  Logo.
One week there could be three logos.
The next week there could be 15 logos.
And sometimes the logo is very small or just a partial logo showing.
But there are always logos in some of the pictures.
So, I challenge you, my beloved readers, to count them and send me a
quick email with the total number of logos in the Friday post.
On the following Tuesday I’ll pick a winner from the correct answers
and send that lucky person some great KHT swag.
So, start counting and good luck!  
Oh, and the logos at the very top header don’t count.
Got it? Good.  :-))))
Have fun!!


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